Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journal 2-Animal Hospitality

Once upon a time, ther was a tiger named Phil. Phil unlike opther tigers, was a very nice tiger. alomst every other critter who lived in the jungle respected Phil very much, with the exception of a grumpy old Toucan named Frank. The sad thing is that no one in the jungle really liked Toucan Frank. He had no friends. Therefore, Frank was not a happy Toucan like his cousin Sam. Of Course, Toucan Sam was very happy because he had all of the fruit-loops he could eat. One day, Phil saw Frank sitting alone in his tree looking very lonely. Since Phil was one of the nicest tigers anyone could find in the jungle, he figured that he could try and cheer Frank up by telling him a joke. "Hey, Frank, why did Michael Phelps win so many gold medals in the last summer olympics? Frank looked down and stared at Phil. "Because he's GRREAT!" Frank turned away and walked to the other side of the branch. This surprised Phil because he thought that Frank would enjoy a nice cereal joke seeing how Frank's cousin worked for Fruit Loops. After this reaction, Phil continued his nice relaxing stroll through the jungle. That night, it started raining and did not stop for an entire week. On the sixth day of rain, most of the animals in the jungle had to leave their homes because of the flooding. Phil the Tiger was the last one to find higher ground in case anyone was drowning. just as he was about to exit the water, he saw a beak sticking out of the water. Phil dove into the deep end of the water and pulled up on the beak and pulled a bird out of the water and brought it to shore. He realized that he had saved the life of Frank. When Frank opened his eyes hours later, Phil was standing over him and he realized that Phil had saved his life. "You're my best friend." said Frank. From that day on, Phil and Frank were best friends.

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