Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Ending to the Old Man and the Sea

Ok, so today, I have already done four blogs at work which I guess is good because I only have six to do right now which really is not bad at all. Hopefully these six blogs will go by fast so I can eat and have the rest of the night to relax. It is going to be really weird going back to school again. I mean it does not even feel like the end of the summer. I honestly have never felt this way about the end of summer before. Usually all I can think about is how terrible school will be and how I am going to find a way to get through it all. But unlike every other year this year is different. I am not thinking about tomorrow that much and instead I am focusing on these blogs so I can have something fun to do for the rest of the night. I really really hope that I can get these things out of the way and have something fun to do for the rest of the night before I start worrying about school again. Anyway I should probably start taking about the book The Old Man and the Sea now. I really did like the book the Old Man and the Sea, but one I have things where I have some complaining to do is at the end. First of all, wouldn’t anyone agree with me when I say that the ending of the book seemed really forced? In all honesty, if I did not know that I was on the last page of the book, I would have thought that I had missed a really important part of the book or something. It just randomly ended. I also would have been much happier if the ending was happier. The Old Man really deserves to catch and marlin and be able to keep it so that he could show it off. Instead it dies by getting eaten from sharks.

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