Friday, August 20, 2010

Chapter One is Pointless

Ok so this is m sixth blog today. I should probably have a little more today but oh well because I got side tracked with some Youtube videos. It’s not like I can be mad at myself for doing that though because I am pretty sure that that happens to everyone when they get bored so it is whatever. Another thing is that I cannot be mad at myself when I just watched Kurt Cobian jump into a drum set. That is just crazy. Whoever is reading this blog, you have to see this video. Just ask me about it and I will show it to you. Anyway, this blog goes out to the band Nirvana because they have distracted me from doing my blogs, so thanks Nirvana. Anyaway, this blog is once again going to be about the book The Grapes of Wrath. Once again I have found a part of the book that is completely useless and should just be skipped in all honestly because the reader gets nothing out of reading it besides frustration. I really do not know why I have not written a blog about this part earlier because I am talking about the whole first chapter to the book The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I understand that every book needs an intro to the story but the whole first chapter is just pointless to read. The author should have just cut out the first chapter and started on the second one where there story begins to unfold. Well, I guess the first chapter would not be so painfully boring if the author John Steinbeck had not put so much pointless detail into it, but the reader has to realize that all John Steinbeck does is put useless details into this book. To sum the first chapter up for you it is just about how everyone in Oklahoma is having trouble growing crop because of the dust bowl and lots of farms are even getting shut down because they cannot make money. Would that have been so hard to writhe after all?

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