Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Ending of Fahrenheit 451

So, was anyone frustrated by the ending of Fahrenheit 451 besides me? I mean, I'm glad that Montag got away from the city by escaping the police and the evil hound and met other people that were influenced by books like Montag, but I did not think that the author, Bradbury, concluded the story very well at all. It basically ends when the fugitives decide that they will help the war-torn city rebuild and they will try and pass on the word of the stories they know to try to give people hope and return the society to normalcy. The thing that annoyed me the most about the ending is that the author does not give any clue to if the plan of the fugitives will work. The ending is supposed to be satisfying because the stories, theories, and morals that are put into books did not die. To me though, that is not good enough. Once the city gets rebuilt, I can just as easily see the society going back to the ways of madness rather than living with the morals we do today in our society. I thought with such a depressing story that Bradbury could give a little more than a hint of optimism to end the story. The other thing that annoyed me about the ending was the fact that the war was delivered so randomly. I mean I know that Bradbury gave small hints about it throughout the story, but at the same time there where entries in the story that claimed that in the futuristic society, war is not that big of a deal because of how much of a powerhouse the U.S. is and becaue of the futuristic technology put into weapons. I also thought that it was really weird how once Montag escaped the city, it was just randomly blown up. did anyone else think that that seemed really forced? If you did, then please leave your comment below.

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