Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Effect of Clarisse

So, this is my last blog for the day. After I write this one I have to go to soccer practice for two and a half hours so that will be fun. I have already done five blogs today and this will be my sixth. I must say that I am very proud of myself getting this many blogs done today. I certainly did not wake up this morning thinking that I would be this productive today, yet here I am doing my sixth blog today so I guess that I can never say never. Anyway, in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, something strange happens. Clarisse goes missing! Oh no Montag! What will you do without her? Apparently you will definitely become a changed man because that is what happens in the book Fahrenheit 451. Does anyone notice that who read the book last month? Montag changes so much after Clarisse has gone missing. In my opinion, what kind of happens to Montag is that whenever Clarisse goes missing, since they do not talk in the mornings anymore, she cannot give Montag broad topics to think about anymore, so what he kind of does is he makes it his responsibility to find broad topics in the world that will make him think in a way that he never has before. In my opinion, that is kind of why I think that he is hiding books in his pillowcase. He wants to discover things that no one in the futuristic society really knows or cares about. To me, I think that it is amazing that a few simple conversations can influence someone so drastically. After he has the conversations with Clarisse, the rest of the book is basically about how he is trying to find answers and explanations for the things that Clarisse has told him about. Montag also might be trying to expose himself to more broad topics that might remind him of Clarisse or might give him the feeling that he know nothing so he can learn more about the world before.

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  1. every day you amaze me with your sense of determination. it takes a real man, like yourself, to do six blogs in one day