Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Does Mildred Have A Heart?

Oh boy. Wow really? To all of you Fahrenheit 451 readers out there, answer me this. Does Mildred, who is Montag’s wife, have a heart? I am actually starting to believe that she does not. First, at the very beginning of the story, she tries to kill herself. Montag walks into the room and realizes that she has swallowed all of her pills. She tried to overdose and hoped that Montag would not notice. Hey, Mildred, aren’t you so grateful that you have a husband that cares about you to take you to the hospital and save your life. After that she denies that it ever happened. Are you kidding me Mildred? You do not even want to talk to your husband about why you tried to kill yourself? I can tell that you love Montag so much. So, that was an interesting introduction to Mildred’s character. The thing that truly gets to me about her is when she rats out Montag for having books. She said she would not and then she did. That part of the story just made me so angry because she knew that Montag loved those books and that he wanted to know what was inside of them but she just called Beatty anyway. The thing that was awful about that event was that Captain Beatty actually made Montag burn the house down and all of his books with the flamethrower. That part made me really want to hurt Mildred. No wonder Guy Montag enjoyed being around Clarisse more than his own wife. Because Montag’s wife, Milded does not have a heart. The only thing that Mildred does throughout the whole entire story is save a couple of the books that Montag has in his possession by burying them in their backyard. That is the one and only thing that she did for Montag in the entire story. It seems like she does not even love Guy Montag. It makes me extremely mad.

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