Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Really Montag?

Wow. Really Montag? Twenty books stashed away? As the great Kirk Gower would say, “That’s baffling.” Oh wait, I am Kirk Gower. Does that mean I have to put that in quotes? Do you put something in quotes when you are quoting yourself? I just baffled myself. Oh wait, I forgot for a second that I am still Kirk Gower and Kirk Gower does not become baffled. Anyway, what the heck was Montag thinking? Did Montag really think that he could get away with illegally having all of those books? Although once Captain Beatty came over to Montag’s house, you have to admit that it was pretty obvious that Montag was going to be caught for having all of those books. Seeing as how Guy Montag is a fireman, he should know that most people that have books in their possession, get caught and get them burned. That is why Guy Montag is very dumb. He even tries to keep them hidden away after he sees that one lady burned alive after she is caught for having books in her possession. Why would you not get rid of them? I mean it is clear that Captain Beatty knows what you are up to after he comes over to your house so it is just dumb to keep the books hidden and simply hope that no one will find them. Wow. Great job Guy Montag. That plan worked out very very well. I applaud you sir. The worst part about it is that he pulled a book out in front of Mildred and her friends. What an idiot. You honestly think that reading them one stupid poem is going to change their minds about books? Well that worked out really really well because you made one of Mildred’s friends cry because she was so darn upset? Tell me Montag, how safe do you think your entire stash of book is now? On the scale of Kelvin, I would give them an absolute zero.

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