Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Title of Fahrenheit 451

I thought that the title of the book Fahrenheit 451 was a good one. I thought this because it relates to fire and burning by including the word “Fahrenheit” which was mainly what the book was about. The title of Fahrenheit 451 truly caught my attention and got me very excited to read the book. The 451 is also significant in the book because that is the number that Guy Montag has on his fireman’s jacket. I honestly do not think that there could be a better title that Ray Bradbury could give this book to catch the eye who someone who wants a quick and exciting read. In fact, that is why I picked up this book and started reading it for my book of choice. The title “Fahrenheit 451” literally jumped off the page and got me wondering what the story is about. When I read the synopsis of the story on the back of the book, it got me excited about reading the book and so I decided to read it and I am now glad that I did. If the title of the book would not have been so great, then I probably would have read something else instead that would not have been as interesting of a story or as quick of a read. I would find it interesting to know how Ray Bradbury came up with the title of the book seeing how the two terms “Fahrenheit” and “451” together do not have any significance in the story. I actually find it very strange how the author, Bradbury, came up with the title, seeing how the two terms combined have nothing to do with anything in the story. Maybe he simply could have thought that the two terms sounded very interesting together so he just decided to make that his title. If this is how he came up with the title, then he certainly did a good job because the title definitely caught my eye and made me wanted to read the story.

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