Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Unlikely Way How Book Burning Became Popular in Fahrenheit 451

One more blog to go! One more blog to go! One more blog to go! I am so happy that I honestly cannot see straight. I do not think that it is very normal to have eye problems when you are really excited. Oh well. I only have to write like three hundred more words and then I am done for the day. I am so happy. You have no idea. I am so sick of these blogs. Well I am not really sick of these blogs by themselves, but I am just tired of worrying about them and I am sick of just simply having to dealing with them. I am sure that anyone who is in my Honors English class can back me up on that one. These things are just awful to worry about when it is such a nice day out and they only thing really productive that you can do is sit here on this computer and write blogs about your feeling about books that you had to read over the summer. I am pretty sure that the only thing people are think when they have to read summer reading books is how much they want to burn the book…like in Fahrenheit 451! They is what his blog will be about I guess. Maybe in the future, one student will get so angry with his or her summer reading books that they will just burn them. I mean, that could be how the twisted society in the book Fahrenheit 451 started. Someone may have simply gotten sick of a book and then they burned it. I mean it is understandable actually. That one person could have started a revolution on book burning. It probably because so popular that that person actually came up with a name for that job. He probably called the profession, being a fireman. After all, the name actually does make sense and it does not take a long time to understand how the name came to be.

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