Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pa Joad is a Poor Man

I only have seven more blogs to do today! That is really good because I know that I can get them all done because I actual did exactly seven yesterday. The fact that I am getting these done so quickly makes me happy because I will have more time to hang out with my friends on this fine Saturday afternoon. I know that I have mentioned something about hanging out with my friends on just about every bog that I have done today, but you have to realize that I am very excited just to get done with these blogs. Once again I wish I was Katie McGraw and I had these blogs done like a month ago so I would not have to spend like two and a half hours of my Saturday these things, but I cannot really do anything about it now because I did not start these blogs until this month which was really dumb on my part. Ok, so I should probably start writing my actual blog now because I have just wasted like half the space of this blog basically typing non-sense which is also fun to do and completely pointless. Ok, so throughout the book The Grapes of Wrath, I always found myself feeling bad for Pa Joad. He always wants to be the leader of the family, but everything wears him down so much in the story that he basically gives up the title. By the end of the story, he has become so worn down that he actually does not really have any say in what the family does, he just kind of blindly follows whatever Ma Joad does. I felt really bad for him by the end of the book because it seems that the move to California has worn him down the most out of any of the main characters when it was his farm that got shut down and it was his idea to move to California for a better life.

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