Saturday, August 21, 2010

Defending The Honor of The Grapes of Wrath Part Two

Yay! I only have eight more blogs to do for the day! These things are actually going by pretty fast. Hopefully I can keep it that way because then I will have time to do something tonight because I will not be busy working on blogs tonight, so that will be nice. So this blog is going to be a follow-up blog to the last blog that I wrote. For those of you who did not read the last blog that I wrote and you are just randomly looking at my blogs, then my last blog was actually defending the book The Grapes of Wrath. I know that that sounds crazy to some of you people but try to just understand where I am coming from. I said that Grapes of Wrath is a horrible book to read because it is so long and it has almost no historical significance or action which is very true. But think about what the book was truly about. It was truly about human nature and morals. Why else would the author John Steinbeck write a whole chapter about a turtle getting run over by a truck? He was just comparing the different ways that people live life. To me it is actually interesting that because the time in the 1920’s were so tough, there were almost no good-hearted people involved in the story other than most of the Joad family. There were people stealing things, people running over turtles and people selling broken cars, but through all of the madness that was encountered by the Joad family throughout the story, most of the Joads kept their morals and good human nature unlike almost everyone else in the story. Son anyway, I do not think that there is any historical significance or fun involving The Grapes of Wrath, but in the end, I do not think that we truly read the book for these things. We read the book because of the lessons and values that it includes.

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