Friday, August 20, 2010

Analysis of Chapter Seven

Ok so this is my seventh and final blog of the day. I must admit that I am very happy with my progress because I did not think that I could get seven blogs done because I am slow at typing and I usually get distracted or I run into a writer’s block, so I am very proud of myself today that I got this many blogs done. This will be the last blog that I have to do before I go to then and then I will go play music with Matt and Alex at Matt’s house. So, I would like to dedicate this blog to Destiny’s Child because they have stopped making music for a while and it seems like everyone has forgotten about them, so I would just like to remind them that I have not forgotten about them and in their honor I would like to say that “I’m A Survivor.” Anyway, so in Grapes of Wrath, there is one particular chapter that I find quite interesting. That chapter is chapter seven where the narrator is explaining how salesmen in the dust bowl are selling cars for some quick cash, but all the cars that they are selling have awful parts and that they are bound to break down within about ten miles from the point where they get taken off of the lot. In all honesty I would be quite scared to sell one of those cars to someone. I mean, what if somebody got really mad and came back and wanted to beat you up out of anger? And also wouldn’t it just bother someone to do that because of the horrible morals and nerve it takes to sell someone a car that does not really work? It would just bother me if I sold someone a car that was not working very well when that person had spent good cash on it. That just would make me feel awful.

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