Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Captain Beatty Hates Books Part One

As many of you who read Fahrenheit 451 know, the character of Captain Beatty hates books. In the story, Captain Beatty is a fireman. A fireman in the futuristic society of Fahrenheit 451 is much different than a fireman in today’s society. In today’s society, a fireman is meant to put out fires, but in Fahrenheit 451, a fireman starts fires. Anyway, while I was reading Fahrenheit 451, I was wondering, why Captain Beatty hates books so much. There could be many reasons to explain this behavior, but one reason why Captain Beatty hates books is not made clear by Ray Bradbury in the book. of the reasons that Captain Beatty hates books might be simply because of his career. As a fireman, it is Captain Beatty’s duty to find books that are in the illegal possession of people and burn the books. So, because it is simply illegal for people to own books, he might simply hate books for this reason. Although, I actually doubt that this is the main reason why he hates them. I do not think this is the main reason because when Captian Beatty comes to Montag’s house to see why he has missed work, Captian Beatty claims that every fireman come to a point in their carrer when they wonder what is inside the books that they are burning. Captian Beatty then claims that he knows what is inside the books that the firemen burn, and that they are not worth the trouble that people go through to keep them. To me, I do not think that Captian Beatty can truly hate books simply because he has to for his career when he knows what is inside him, so his career itself cannot answer completely why Captian Beatty hates books. Another reason that Captian Beatty hates books could be because he loves what the absence of books has done to the futuristic society and how fast paced the absence of books has made living in the futuristic world.

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