Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not So Much To Criticize About the Old Man

So, right now, i am in still in Disc Replay, doing my job. I am pretty bored right now and i do not have much to do so i guess i will just try to get another blog done. i am pretty happy because these blogs are not that bad. as of now, i actually do not know how many i have to do, but i feel that i might be able to get many of these blogs done her at work because it is not really that busy here at work. knock on wood. here at Disc Replay, the place is known for becoming really randomly busy at certain time which it just has. ok, so now once again, i should actually start this blog because once again i have to remind myself that writing down my really random thoughts actually does not do anyone any good. anyway, i guess that i will start talking about the book The Old Man and the Sea. ok, so usually i will always have a blog where i criticize the book i read. in all honesty, i thought that the book The Old Man and the Sea was a very good book. i mean, yeah every book has its boring parts and the book The Old Man and the Sea actually does have parts where it is very boring, but in all honesty, what book does not have a boring part? While i was reading the book, i was very proud of the Old Man for not giving up and actually catching the massive marlin in the end of the book. after he caught it though, it made me very sad that after all of the hard work that the Old Man spent trying to catch the big marlin, he feels bad for the fish because it ends up suffering a slow and painful death because it gets eaten by sharks when the Old Man it trying to take the animal to the shore of the land.

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