Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Loyalty of Manolin

One thing that i noticed about the book The Old man and the Sea is that there are many themes that were put into this book. For example, one of the gratest themes that i noticed throughout the entire story was the theme of loyalty. this trait is shown by the character of Manolin. when the Old Man has gone eighty four days without catching a fish and his parents tell Manolin that he must go and find a new fisherman to learn from. Manolin actually does do this because he wants to obey what his parents have said, but at the same time he still like to hang out with the Old Man and give the Old Man some bait to fish with. This is extremely kind on the part of Manolin because no one besides the Old Man knows that Manolin is sctually spending time with him. it seem that throughout the book, Manolin is always there to give the old man lots of moral support which the Man need to need because the Old Man becomes worn down because of the stress and frustration that comes when the Old Man cannot catch a very good fish. it actually seems like the young boy is the only one who is there for the Old Man throughout the story which is actually pretty sad because in the story, at certain times, the man suffers from lonelyness when he is out on the sea which is sad because the only two people that know what he is truly feeling the the character of the Old Man and the person who is actually reading the story. i think that it is very good fot The old man to have the character of Manoloin by his side because he is so lonely. i know for sure that if i was a fisherman who was out on the sea for days at a time, i would grateful for someone who is loyal to me and who i van always count on.

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