Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good Thing Ma Joad Can Keep Her Cool

Ok, so today I am bored again so I might as well do some of these blogs right now before I actually have something to do and I cannot because I have to do more blogs. Today, I am planning on getting ten blogs which if I get that accomplished, then I must say that I have done a heck of a job for the day and I deserve a break. So, over the next two days I have to write twenty different blogs which is a lot but I am not worried about getting the blogs done because they do not take that long for me to write. My main problem is that I get side-tracked easily, so it is during those times when I struggle getting these things done. Anyway, on to the actual blog part of the blog. One of the main characters in the book the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck was the character of Ma Joad. In my opinion, the character of Ma Joad is very important because she is basically the calm voice of the entire family. Throughout the story, the reader actually notices this, and sees that when the Joad family has encountered a tough time in the story, Ma Joad is always relaxed, which helps the other members of the family relax. For example, these character traits show from the character Ma Joad whenever the Joad family is crossing the California desert. Whenever Ma Joad looks at Granma, she can tell that the character of Granma is dead. Luckily for the rest of the family, Ma Joad kepps herself calm, and therefore the family does not have a panic attack while going through the middle of a desert. Let’s be honest. The last thing that anyone wants to hear while going through the middle of a desert is that someone in the car with them has died. That would be a scaring moment, and I do not think that the Joad family would have continued on.

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