Sunday, August 22, 2010

Symbolic Quote

Wow. For me, this is pretty exciting. I only have four blogs left to do for the summer. Although at the same time I must admit that I am sad that summer is almost over. The countdown until school starts went from months to weeks to days to hours just like that. I must say that the thought of the beginning of summer is pretty depressing because of how much time I wasted that I could have been using on better and more fun things rather than sitting at home watching television on a perfect day. Although I cannot be too hard on myself because I did have a pretty active summer in the end and there were times where I actually did need quite a bit of rest. Anyway, on to the actual part of this blog that the people actually want to see! In the book The Old Man and the Sea, the old man states an interesting quote when he says, “a man can be destroyed but not defeated.” To me, this quote is very interesting because I actually find some truth in it. When you are reading a line like this, one cannot take the quote literally. If a person does, then he or she looks like a fool because they are probably really shallow because they cannot find a deep meaning in quotes like these. To me, this quote from the old man in the book makes sense because even when everything around you is falling apart, or some kind of task seems impossible, you must not give up. For example, when the old man gets cut, he actually becomes more motivated to catch the massive fish in the water rather than just give up and let it go. By saying this line, he is saying that no matter how many cut or how injured he gets from trying to catch the fish, he will never give up, and eventually he catches the fish.

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