Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Conversation For The Ride Home

So, this blog is once again going to be about the book Fahrenheit 451. Unlike my other blogs though, I was inspired to write this one from someone else besides myself. I was inspired to write this blog after reading Matt Vermeersch’s blog on how awkward the fire truck ride would be after the lady in the book Fahrenheit 451 decided to be burned alive with her house. So, this one goes out to my pal Matt Vermeersch…and whatever else inspired me to write this 325 word blog. So, not only does this go out to my pal Matt Vermeersch, but it goes out to whoever is bored right now, God I suppose, the little kitty who is currently sitting on my lap right now, who currently does not have a name, the entire cast of The Office because I am watching that show right now and my other cat Simba, who keeps giving me dirty looks because I am paying more attention to this little kitten than him. Sorry Simba. Anyway, I just wasted 172 words on that intro so I should probably get to the blog part. Or not. Ok so anyway, that fire truck ride would have to be so awkward. I mean what would you say after you saw something like that? If I had seen that, I would probably be in the back of the fire truck crying or shaking out of pure shock. The thing that I find very weird about this event is that it seems like Captian Beatty was not even affected by what had happened. He just acted normal after what he had just seen. Montag on the other hand was deeply affected by what he had seen. The reader can tell because the author, Ray Bradbury includes times in the book Fahrenheit 451 when all Guy Montag can think about is the image of the lady being burned to death along with her books in her home.

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