Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fahrenheit 451 and Religion

In the story Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Bradbury explains that in the future people are too impatient to read stories, but another reason they do not read books is because they do not bother thinking about thoughts and opinions put into them. For example, people in the futuristic society do not think about concepts about God or the universe. When I was reading Fahrenheit 451, I seemed to notice that there are other things that contain subjects and concepts that make people think deeply about other than books. For example, there was nothing included in the story about music within the society of Fahrenheit 451. I wonder what they listen to. It is not like there cannot be any music to listen at all, right? Today, there are many songs that give the listener very much to think about. In fact as many people know, there is a whole Christian genre where people like to express their feelings and worship God. What would happen in the future to a music genre like that? Would people just stop singing about Him? What would happen to religion in general? There is absolutely no way that religion can die. There are too many followers. I am actually amazed that there was no discussion in Fahrenheit 451 about religion. There have to be people in that society that are touched by religion and would try to spread the word of God. To me, that is a huge whole I the plot of the story. If there are people in the society of Fahrenheit 451, who believe in God, then wouldn’t they want to spread the word of Him? Today, people are extremely devoted to God, so they try to live life on His guidelines and by the Bible. Aren’t there people who would be like that in the society of Fahrenheit 451? I cannot believe that there wouldn’t be. Anyway, I cannot believe that there are not people in that futuristic society who are not religious enough to try and pass on the word of God.

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