Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Captain Beatty Hates Books Part Two

Another reason that Captain Beatty hates books might be because he loves how the absence of books has made the futuristic society so fast-paced. As Captain Beatty describes in the book, in the futuristic society, no one wants to take the time to read books. Since the technology is so advanced, people enjoy movies more because they can see what is happening, or people think it is dumb to waste the time to read books because people can simply learn the morals of the story in the real world. Also, in the future people hate to worry. The society has tried to take all of the worrying out of everyday life by getting rid of books because they give people thoughts that are so broad that they actually make people worry about. For example, no one wants to read the Bible because after reading it, they will worry on a daily basis if they are going to heaven or hell. While reading the book Fahrenheit 451, at his part where Captain Beatty is describing why firemen burn books, I thought that the reason Captain Beatty hates books is because he loves the extremely fast-paced society that they live in. I thought this until the part when Montag burns Captain Beatty to death with the flamethrower. I thought that Montag was simply crazy when he burned Captain Beatty. The thing that I had not noticed until the author, Ray Bradbury had pointed it out to the reader was that when Montag was pointing the flamethrower at Captain Beatty, right before Guy scorched him, Captain Beatty made absolutely no effort to defend himself or move. It had almost seemed like Captain Beatty wanted Guy Montag to burn him to death. This is why I do not think that Captain Beatty hated books because he loved the fast-paced society that the absence of books had brought because when Guy Montag had the flamethrower pointed at Captain Beatty, he made no effort to move.

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