Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Death of Clarisse

So, last month I read the story Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I must say that this story is quite baffling at times. I am sure that those who read it last month will probably agree with me. And for those of you, who have not read it, I suggest reading this thrilling novel but if you do not want to or you do not feel like it then just agree with me. Anyway, back to the actual blog part. One of the main events in the story that I found quite random or baffling was when the reader finds out that Clarisse died. I thought that this part seems very random and forced. I think that the book Fahrenheit 451 would have been much better if the author Ray Bradbury would have kept the character of Clarisse in the story. To me it would have made the story much more interesting and enjoyable if Bradbury kept her in the story. One thing that I thought was stupid about the way that Clarisse dies is that one day she randomly gets hit by a car and that is it. How random and forced does that seem? For a character that is very significant to the story, I would expect a death a little more significant and not so random and forced. Maybe the author could have included some foreshadowing to not make the death seem so forced. Another thing I would have considered doing if I was Bradbury is that I would have left Clarisse alive for the whole story. To me, the book would have been much better because of the broad topics that the character of Clarisse brought into the story that made the character of Guy Montag and the reader actually think about. The story would have been much more enjoyable for me and would not have as much of a depressing mood if the author, Ray Bradbury had kept her in the book Fahrenheit 451.

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