Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fahrenheit 451 is an Easy Read

Ok, so I am one again writing this bog about Fahrenheit 451. This blog is going to be about how I realized how easy of a read Fahrenheit 451 is. I mean I was on vacation, I read it in like two days. Quite frankly, this book is a joke to read. I mean it is not like I had two sit down for multiple hours at a time to hope to finish the darn book. It honestly took me like two days to read and it was a joke. It is not like the author, Ray Bradbury, made the language within the story very complex at all either. The structure of the sentences got very repetitive also. The author, Ray Bradbury, used a lot of simple sentences which made me kind of bored with the writing. Actually, I take that back. Now that I think about it, the author, Ray Bradbury, did not really have a repeating sentence structure when writing the story. Now that I think about it, Bradbury did vary the sentences very well. I am sorry to whoever is reading this blog that I keep contradicting myself. I am quite simply just trying to this blog done. Anyway, I wonder what I will think of the book, The Old Man and the Sea because that book is really really short. I mean even shorter than the book Fahrenheit 451. My inside sources tell me that the book The Old Man and the Sea can be read in like one day. That actually makes me pretty happy. I mean why would that not make someone happy? If every summer reader book was that short, I would probably start dancing in the rain. It is not like I never dance in the rain but, if every summer reading book was that short, I would probably do it with more emotion than I usually do. Yeah. That’s right. Sorry, what was I talking about? Oh well I am done with the blog.

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