Saturday, August 21, 2010

Al Joad in The Grapes of Wrath

Ok now I can see the end in sight. I am getting so close to finishing these blogs that I can taste it. I only have two more to do, so I am going to just try to plow through these last two so I can hang out with my buds on the last Saturday before my summer vacation ends. I know how typical it sounds when I say that that thought sounds really depressing, but it really does. Also, I should not be sitting at home trying to do blogs right now. These things are dumb. To be honest, I do not care what other people think about the books that we have all had to read over the summer. I am also sure that no one really cares what I think when it comes to these three books, so it just makes me mad that I am sitting here right now trying to finish these things. I actually find it more productive writing these random thoughts down more than anything else. Believe it or not, this is actually making me feel a lot better about finishing these stupid blogs. Anyway, I guess that I might as well start my second to last blog on the book The Grapes of Wrath now or else Mr. Langley might get mad that I have not shared any of my thoughts on the book inside of this blog. I think that in the book The Grapes of Wrath by the author John Steinbeck, the character of Al Joad is a respectable man. I think that he is respectable because at the beginning of the book, you can tell that Al basically idolizes Tom and wants to be a lot like Tom. Further into the book though, the reader can see that Al has matured because of the hardships that the family has had to face whenever they moved to California. It is really cool to see the character grow up and become an individual.

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