Thursday, September 2, 2010

Journal 3-How I Would React in a Hostage Situation

If i were a hostage, that would be a problem. I would definitely feel very unlucky. Very unlucky indeed. but anyway, i guess if i were in a hostage situation, i would probably not try to be a hero or anything. I think that it is dumb trying to be a hero in those situations because the poice will probably just end up finding a way to arrest the criminal. Therefore, i kind of find it pointless to risk my safety and try to be a hero when the police will end up saving the day. In a hostage situation, i would probably just end up listening to the person that has taken me hostage and do whatever he says. I would not want to make him mad or angry because chances are, he probably has a gun and he could hurt me very badly if he wanted to. Even if i did want to be the hero in a hostage situation and fight off the criminals that are trying to take me hostage, i would probably be too scared in the end to make any move towards attacking the criminals. Let's be honest. In most hostage situations, the criminals are usually armed with pretty powerful weapons that could hurt many people at once. If a saw that the person who had taken me hostage had a gun or weapon that could possibly end my life, i would probably start crying because i would be so scared. So, i only have like seventy five words left to type in five minutes, so i guess that i could get this blog done in class which would be very nice. Anyway, i honestly have no clue how i could be lured into a hostage situation. I am usually smart in situations like that i think. I can usually tell if someone is up to no good by the way that they are dressed and how they approach you. Well, i guess that this is how i would react in a hostage situation.

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