Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poetry Analysis The Two Streams, Holmes

1.The writer is explaining how he sees a stream of water down a wall of rock. 2.The writer is describing which direction the stream goes as he describes it running through the cleft mountain ledge. 3.The author then describes how the stream stays off out of his vision into a tangled braid. 4.The author in this sentence, describes how even though, he cannot see it, he know that all of the braids in the stream will end. In this poem, the author, Holems uses many metaphors in this poem to describe how the streams are like life. For example, in the third stanza, the author says, "So from the heights of Will
Life's parting stream descends." From this quote, it is easy to see how the author relates the stream to life by using certain comparisons. The author also uses imagery to depict the image clearly for the author of the streams rolling down the rock wall and also as they run off into the distance. 1. In this sentence, the author is explaining the birth or beginning of life as the stream begins. 2. In this sentence the author describes how life can change I'm gay! I like boys! paths quickly as the strema's path turns suddenly as the stream has left its initial path pretty quickly. 3. The author in this sentence is supporting the fact that life takes unexpected turns because the stream left its initial path almost without a trace of where it was going next. In the last sentence, the author describes how even though the stream nmay take many twists and turns, like life, he knows where it will end, as all life ends with death.

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