Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Journal #16 My Favorite Song

My favorite song has to be Wishlist by Pearl Jam. And yes, the title of the song is actually one word. I really like this song because it is very powerful in a lyrical way. To me, it is expressing very general feelings in specific ways. I really like the melody of the song also. Even though it is not an acoustic song, it could almost be considered acoustic because of how the song is delivered. It is not a loud or a heavy song whatsoever. It is very soft and melodic, but it is delivered in a very powerful way. To me, songs mean a lot more when they are not extremely loud and sung a little quieter. That type of sound really gets in my head and speaks to me very well. I like pearl jam a lot. Their acoustic music is very good and tends to speak to their listeners a lot. Another thing that i like about the song Wishlist is the lyrics. Eddie makes them almost sad and has a lot of very interesting metaphors and comparisons in the song. It is almost a self-pity song because of how the tone of the song is delivered. I really do not know what else to say about this song. I have really hit a writer's block here. This is crazy. I usually do not do this in the middle of a blog. Not i just basically have to eat up words to get through this blog because i know that i really cannot finish it. Quite honestly, this is madness. What else could i say about the song? I like the tone, the music, the lyrics. The guitar part is really simple but i also like it too because it is almost perfect for what the song needs and it complements the tone of the song very well as well. Anyway, i guess that this is all i have to say about the song Wishlist by Pearl Jam.

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