Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My ideal United States of America would be the USSA. That is the United Space States of America. Also known as Spamerica. You see, in the future, when Kirk becomes the first person to establish a colony on Mars, he will be famous. That is when he will convince the entire population to migrate to Mars and live there permanently because by then, our planet will basically be destroyed because of people littering, overweight people taking up too much space because people will still refuse to eat healthy in the future and Google and McDonalds will set up a run the world, calling the planet Moogle. Moogle will obviously be a communist government and Ronald Mcdonald will be the dictator. Quite frankly, this would obviously be a nightmare for like anyone living on Moogle. For the people who were put under the spell of Ronald Mcdonald, Kirk would start an all out war with him and his army. The commander of the army of Moogle would be the Hamburgler, and the normal soldiers would be Umpa Loompas. This would be a fierce army, but Kirk would strike back by appointing Master Chief as commander of the Spamerican Army because after all, he is Master Chief, and the normal troops would be everyday people, but there is a catch. These people would all be wearing the V masks from V for Vendetta. This would be quite the battle, but the Spamerican Army would be victorious because Master Chief would make a special glowing blue hamburger that the Hamburgler could not resist. This would be delivered to The Hamburgler, and as soon as he bites into it, he would explode because it was not really a glowing blue hamburger, it was a plasma grenade. Game Over. So, the USSA would be established on Mars thanks to Kirk and this would be the most successful country in the world, obviously. I need eight more words for my blog to be finished.

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