Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reflection on Paine

When reading Thomas Paine's journal titled "Common Sense", i found it very interesting. Basically all that Paine talks about throughout the entire journal is how the idea of an Monarchy really makes no sense (Paine. After reading the journal, it actually makes a lot of sense to me why he thinks that about a Monarchy. I think that he does a very good job of explaining why a monarchy makes no sense becaquse he uses a lot of different kinds of support and he also uses support in many different ways. I also like how he relates everything that he says to the Queen of England because this journal basically explains why the colonists should not be listening Monarchy (Paine). I believe that this argument the Paine came up with pretty much influenced many of the colonists that they should not have to listen to England and that they should try to start a country of their own. While reading the journal, i was also amazed by the amount of support that Paine put into it. Because of its massive length, it very clear and easy to see that he felt very strongly about the breaking off from England and that he put a lot of effort into his argument (Paine). In the journal, i thought that there were many interesting parts but one of the parts that stood out to me when i read it was when Paine mentions that in a monarchy, all of the people are meant to one and that are are all meant to be on the same level and equal. He goes on to say that this concept is riduculous and absurd because not everyone is on the same evel in a Monarchy or in England (Paine). In fact, there are many different levels and classes of people in a Monarchy. There are the people who are poor, middle class people, upper class people, the servants of the royal people, the royal people, and the King or Queen. The idea that people are supposed to be equal within a Monarchy is kind of funny because it is so untrue in so many ways. In all honesty, it is not hard to see how flawed this view of a Monarchy truly is in many ways. Another interesting point that Payne brings up in this journal is the simple fact that in a Monarchy, it is assumed that to be successful, it is essential for people to know what is happening in the outside world and that peope must also know everything that goes on within the goverment or civilization so that people can respect what their leader is doing for them. The funny fact about this is that in a Monarchy, no one really knows what is truly happening within the government besides the leared or King or Queen (Paine). Therefore, Paine points out that it is silly for people of England to truly believe that what the Queen is doing is truly justified because not many people know what the Queen has done (Paine).

Paine, By Thomas. "Thomas Paine's Common Sense - Text Version." Archiving Early America: Primary Source Material from 18th Century America. Web. 18 Oct. 2010. .

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