Thursday, October 7, 2010

Journal #13 Spirit

OK, so today, i guess that i am supposed to be talking about spirit. I really do not want to talk about this but oh well. I really do not know what i am supposed to say about spirit, but i will figure something out. So, i kind of think that our class's spirit is very weak. All this week, we are supposed to be dressing up based on what the theme is on that day. Well, our grade does not really like to dress up which is really stupid. I think that it is stupid to worry too much about self image to get involved in something really fun. That is why i have been basically giving everyone a hard time who has not dressed up for a certain day. Tomorrow is spirit day though, and that is usually really fun. Our grade will compete with the other grades to see who will win spirit week. It is really fun and i am also excited because tomorrow is a half day. I will get to go home and just finally get to relax for the first time all week. I am so pumped! I have had soccer everyday and that in all honesty has been affecting how i perform in the classroom because i am just so tired all of the time. I cannot wait until the homecoming football game tomorrow. it will be so much fun. I mean, i usually enjoy going to football games in general, but the homecoming game is going to be so awesome because the junior class basically rules the student section and i really like how we all get into the game. In my opinion, it really shows our classes true colors. One thing that makes our class different from every other class is the everyone in our class can find a way to get along. At football games, i can find a way to talk to and have a great time with people i have not talked to since last year.

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  1. I really agree with you on the whole our class sucks at spirit and getting into the week. Though we did well in 80s day, our class color day was pathetic. I thought the overall blog was cool though.