Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Journal #14 The Declaration of Kirk

I am writing about the Declaration of Kirk. The declaration of Kirk is what Kirk lives by. Basically, the declaration of Kirk talks about Kirk's morals and values and it includes everything that one should know about Kirk. In all honesty, i really do not know how i am supposed to write an entire blog about the declaration of Kirk. This blog topic is kind of stupid. Anyway, also included in the declaration of Kirk, are his hobbies and his main interests. The interesting thing about the declaration thing about the declaration of Kirk is that fact that it was actually written by Kirk, so basically anyone who has read the declaration of Kirk, knows absolutely everything about Kirk. Although, only one man has ever read the entire declaration of Kirk. As the tale goes, there was a man who actually led many people to freedom. Because this man had led many people to freedom, they trusted them and kind of became his followers. So, anyway, this man freed these people because he wanted to share the most important document with them that was ever made. So, this man did not actually have the document in his possession, but God had sent him a message and told him where it was. So anyway, as he was following these people, they came to a massive sea. the document was on the other side of the sea. So, this man took the staff of power that God had given him, and he literally parted this sea. He then led the people to the other side of the sea where they came to a cave. Only the one man whop freed the people went into the cave and read the document. this changed the man's life. He knew that he could not share this information, so he became the only person in the world who held the knowledge. I forget what his name was again...it was something starting an M... oh yeah! Matt!


  1. You have a very... interesting writing style Kirk. Your blog was very entertaining, despite the annoying repetition of words in the anecdote about Matt at the end, which by the way sounded very familiar, haha. Anyway, your style is very amusing - nice job!

  2. I liked your topic. It was very interesting to me. You had some minor proofreading mistakes. You use the word "so" a lot. Sometimes it becomes confusing. But overall, nice blog

  3. Fun declaration and story!

    Note: referring to an assignment as "stupid" is insulting to most teachers.