Friday, October 1, 2010

Journal #11 Morals/Ethics

today we are suppose to be talking about morals/values or ethics. Quite frankly, i really do not know what to say about these specific things, so i guess i will just blabber about some random thing relating to the the subject. is the word blabber even real? i honestly do not even know. i mean, i think it is, but at the same time, i am kind of afraid to say it if it is not. i do not really want to sound like an idiot whenever i say the word blabber when it is not an actual word. Anyway, what am i supposed to say about values? i am baffled. i wish i knew how to write about this topic. i mean, i do not just want to talk about my values because no one really wants to read about that stuff. Out of anything in the world, why would we have to talk about our values? Why cant we talk about something fun and exciting rather than talk about this pointless topic? Anyway, i think i have good morals. it is called being a good person and going with your gut on decisions. In all honesty, that is kind of all i live by. well, i am proud of myself. i did not just ramble on about something completely random for the entire journal. I actually mentioned something about the topic. but still, i would rather be talking about something that is not as boring. Honestly, who is going to read this journal? Who wants to read about a random kid's values on the internet. that sounds so fun. not really. ha ha i made a joke. not really. i am just so bored and i want to get this journal over with so i do not have to worry about it when i get home. After all, it is Friday, and it would be nice to not have much to worry about when i get home. anyway, that is all. good bye.

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  1. Keep in mind, as with the past blog entries, that I do have a point to all of the blog topics. The topics are vague enough that you do not have to write about yourself or your personal beliefs.

    Each of the topics either pertain loosely to topics addressed in the literature covered in class or invite you to simply think. Most of the analysis we do and will do in class requires students to be able to think freely - blogging is a tool that will give us practice in doing just that.

    You have a good thought process displayed in your blogs. I like that you have been supporting and defending your thoughts and ideas.