Friday, September 17, 2010

Journal #8-Proofreading

I kind of liked the video that we watched today in English class but at the same time, i thought that it was kind of dumb and a waste of time. I mean, to me, there was not much of a point to watching the video. To me, it would have been much more useful just to say, remember to proofread your papers and just to be done with it. I did not like the video also because i would much rather write about something else rather than my reaction to some random video that we watched in class. It really did not teach me anything anyway. I know that someone should always proofread what i have written just to make sure that i do not get points taken off from assignments or anything like that. It was a waste o9f time to watch a video like that when i already know that i must proofread everything that i write. it is just obvious that everyone has to proofread their papers before they turn them in. If they do not, then chances are, they have many careless mistakes in their essay and they will probably get many points taken off from his or her paper. Although, there were some parts that i thought were funny. I mean it is not like it was not entertaining, but i just think that we could have been using our time to do something more productive rather than watching a funny video online. At the same time though, some of the words that the speaker in the video were pretty funny because of the ways they were used. There were many instances when i thought that instead of using graphic language, the speaker could have used more appropriate word to make the video seem more classroom friendly. Anyway, i would have much rather been writing about something fun and much more interesting rather than writing about my thoughts on some video that we watched in class that i did not find important.

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  1. I agree with you on your thoughts on the video. I like how when you write, you just write what you're feeling, and it's got a very modern style to it. So I liked reading this blog.