Sunday, September 12, 2010

Journal 5-Fair Punishments

I think that if were a parent i would punish them by grounding them from oxygen. Every child tends to love oxygen. it is almost like a necessity to them. But really, it is more of a privlege than a right. I mean, who actually needs oxygen? It is not like we are talking about taking away air here. I mean, people actually need air to breathe. No, i am just kidding. That would be awful if a parent actually grounded their child from oxygen. Obviously, the child would die. That would be sad. anyway, if i were a parent, i would probably give my child an early curfew. I do not think that it would ever be necessary to completely ground my child from hanging out with his or her friends because i actually do believe that they have a right to hang out with their friends because sometimes, school can be extremely stressful and it really helps kids when they can hang out with their friends. that is why i think that an earlier curfew is a good punishment. The child can still hang out with their friends for some time, but they still understand the punishment when they have to come home early. I believe that this is why kids get mad at their parents when they cannot hang out with their friends. Kids can be stressed a lot from school and it is always nice to hang out with your friends to manage stress but when you cannot even see your friends on weekends, thingsd can be very stressful for your children and they may get very mad at their parents because of the stress that they are going through. So, i think that this would be the best punishment because the child can still see his or her friends on the weekends, but they will still get the point of the punishment when they have to come home early for the earlier curfew.

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