Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I honestly do not believe very much in superstitions. If i did though, i would probably believe in witches. For any of you who are reading this blog wondering why i would believe in witches, i have a question for you, why not? I mean witches are evil and awesome. It would be awesome if they were real. In fact, i believe that last Friday at the football game i saw one. She took the form of i girl playing on the playground. I should have known that something bad was going to happen. So, anyway, i went up to this girl to ask her if she wanted to buy a glow bracelet to support the science club and she turned around really slowly and replied with the word, "Sup?" It was not what she said that actually scared me. It was also not how she said it either. I was the look in her eyes. They were covered in black make-up. What king of ten year old wears make-up? I'll tell you what kind. a witch kind. That is what kind. It was like i was looking into the soul of the devil. I was so scared to the point where i could not even move. I honestly cannot even describe how i felt when i saw her standing there. I am pretty sure that she secretly had cast a spell on me because i could not move. What kind of witch takes the form of a ten year old girl. That is just plain evil. I cannot even begin to think about what happened to that poor girl. Now that i think about it, the witches might know where i live now! oh No! i should probably tell someone because it would not be a good thing if witches started breaking into my house in the middle of the night. I do not even know how the witches would even get information like that but i may be in danger!

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