Monday, September 13, 2010

Journal #6 Consequences

I do not think that i have ever seriously blamed someone else for doing something bad that i did. If i have, then i honestly do nor remember it. If i have in the past then it must have not been that big of a deal or something. Anyway, some repercussions of blaming someone else for doing something that you did are probably pretty serious if what you said someone else did is serious enough i suppose. All it truly is is lying about something you did. Now, as simple as that may sound, i am sure that the consequences are pretty serious for doing something like that. For example, if you blame a close friend or someone like that for something that you did and they know that you did it, you may lose that close friend. I am sure that no one would like to lose a close friend over something that you lied about just to avoid getting in trouble. I know that if i got blamed for something that i did not do and i ended up getting in trouble for it, that i would be very very mad. I would not be happy at all. I mean, would it really be worth it to lie just to avoid a little bit of trouble? I do not think so. Not one bit. Another consequence would be if the person that you lied to found out that you have lied to them then there are some pretty extreme consequences that you could face from the person that you lied to. For example, if you ever lied to your parents, you could be in very big trouble or you could even be grounded for a very long time. In my opinion, it is not worth lying to your parents just to avoid getting in trouble for a little while. If you are wondering why i said for a little while, i am implying that your parents will probably find out

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