Friday, January 21, 2011

Journal #33 The Post Be-Bop Disco Era

I really do not know what started in the area that we live in today. I could say something like the selling of horseshoes, but that is kind of very boring. So, i will talk about something that started somewhere else. Actually no i will not because i now can think of something that actually did start in this area. That is officially the post be bop disco era. Don't act like you haven't heard of it! It's kind of a big deal. So, around the city of Springfield, Illinois in the year of 2011, a band called "The Panzies" created a revolution. They created a new type of music that was almost jazzy with a hint of funk. Now to whoever is reading this, you have to realize that The Panzies had a bigger impact on the post be bop disco era than Nirvana had on grunge. So yeah, they were kind of a big deal. So, anyway, this band started making music in 2008, but did not get a record deal until 2010 when they signed with Island Records. They did not realize that The Panzies were going to be such a bit hit. But anyway, when they released their first self-titled album, they also released their first ever single-"The Battle of the Noodles." Now Americans, being typical Americans, fell in love with this song. In fact, within the first week it came out, it became a gold selling single. Now, that is what i call pretty impressive. So, anyway, instead of being the typical one hit wonders, the Panzies had three other singles on their debut album. Today, there are many stories about what has happened to the Panzies. It has been two years since the Panzies have released their first album. It is rumored that they are actually working on their second album, but that has not actually been confirmed yet. Anyway, in conclusion, that is the story behind the new born post disco be bop era that is still spreading fast around America today.

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