Monday, January 10, 2011

Journal #29 Convincing Someone to Buy a Record

So, today for a journal topic, we have to write about how we would convince someone to buy our favorite album or record. So, whoever is reading this blog, you should buy the record "The Colour and the Shape" by Foo Fighters. In all honesty, this is the best record i have ever listened to. For anyone who knows anything about the Foo Fighters, this album includes songs like "Monkey Wrench," "My Hero" and "Everlong " These are some of the greatest songs that Foo Fighters have ever made. Not only does this record include three very well known songs, but it seems like all of the other songs are just as good. People who are reading this blog may think that that is not possible, but if you listen to the record, then you will realize that it is very possible. For example three very good songs that are not very well known that are actually very good are "My Poor Brain," "Wind Up," and "February Stars." I actually like these songs more than the popular songs because it seems that the songs that are not as well known relate to me personally rather than to everyone who knows the popular songs. Another things that i really like about this record is that there is very angry music mixed with some very slow songs. It shows the listener that Foo Fighters are very musically talented and that they can really play any type of song that they want to. So, anyway, that is why this is my favorite record of all time. It really speaks to me because of the types of songs that are included on the album and the lyrics that the singer uses to describe his emotions and feelings. I guess that this is what i would say to someone if i were trying to convince them to buy my favorite record. I guess that that is all folks. The end.

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