Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Journal #27 Persistence

Ok, so the topic for the blog today is persistence. apparently, persistence is when someone endures greatly or gets through obstacles. I find this topic kind of interesting because of the fact that it is a word that has a very deep meaning. I also find it interesting that the topic for today's journal is just that simple word. Persistence. The one thing that bothers me about this word is that fact that when everyone looks up this definition, they will think that the word relates to them specifically. I mean, sure everyone finds a way to endure through things every once in a while, but i think that it is stupid to take it to heart when others think that their life is so hard. i mean i understand that if someone is secretly depressed and walked over everyday by others that they can call themselves persistent, but if someone thinks that they are extremely persistent because they think that they overcame many obstacles when you have done nothing, then i just cannot respect people like that. it just makes me angry i suppose when people think that they are so tough and can withstand anything when they have never really faced a tough obstacle in their life. I guess that that is really all i can say about persistence. I really do not want to start listing qualities that make me persistent because first off all, i just kind of ripped on people who do that, and also i know that there are many more people out there who are much more persistent than i am. so, i guess that that is my little rant against persistence. I really do not know what else i can possibly say about this topic. In conclusion, persistence is basically what it means to overcome obstacles according to dictionary.com. Also, i do not like people saying how persistent they are when they really are not very persistent at all.

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