Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal #31 Daydreams

So today in this journal, i am supposed to be writing about how a day dream has helped me solve a problem sometime in my past. So, this one time, i was sitting in math class in fifth grade. My teacher Bohrer (at least i think that that is how she spells her name). So, anyway we were all taking a test, and i was one of the first ones done with the test in my class. So, naturally when i was done with my test, i had to wait for everyone else to finish their tests too. So, i obviously started day dreaming. I had a dilemma on my mind. I had to decide whether to get a drink or go to the bathroom first between the five minute passing period. This was quite the decision, so i started daydreaming to see if i could make a decision from doing that. In my day dream, i was invisible and i snuck out of the class to go to the bathroom first even though i was very thirsty. After that i then got a nice cold drink from the water fountain which was very nice, but i realized that while i was going to the bathroom, it was difficult to deal with the horrible thirst that i had because i did not get a drink first. Next, i ran the day dream back and started anew. This time while i was invisible, i got a drink first and then i went to the bathroom. The drink was great, but i realized that while i was getting the drink it was very hard to fight off the urge to go to the bathroom. Luckily i did though. So after running both of these possibilities through my mind, i realized that nothing really worked out that well. So, when the bell actually rang and when i walked out of math class to go to my next class, i just went to the class and did not get a drink or go to the bathroom.

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