Thursday, January 6, 2011

Journal #28 Convincing Someone To Do Something

So, one time my friend Tim and i were walking through a forest. We were hanging out at my house and we got really bored so, we decided to take a fun little stroll through the forest in my backyard with flashlights. In retrospect, i really do not see why we decided to do that because it sounds really scary to me now but we did. So, we were walking through this forest, and we approached the creek that is at the border of our property and our neighbor's property. So, it was a summer night, but it was not really that bad because it was not that hot out because it was night, and the mosquitoes apparently all went to bed because they were not out either. Also, it was really cool because there were a crazy amount of fire flies all around lighting up the forest. But anyway, so i grab a stick and throw it into this creek. The creek was pretty deep, so i got the great idea of seeing how cold the water was. I laid down on my stomach to see how cold the water was. It was actually a pretty refreshing temperature. So, i got up and dared my friend Tim to jump into the creek because it was a very good temperature and it would be very funny. Well, i have to mention that my friend Tim is not very adventurous, so he obviously said no. I then just kept telling him to jump in and he kept replying no. Then after a few minutes we were both bored again so we were still trying what to do. Well it took us a long time to figure out what to do. I'm saying like a whole fifteen minutes. That may not seem that long, but in a forest while alone, that is a long time. Finally Tim decided to feel the temperature of the water in the creek, and when he learned over to feel the temperature, i pushed him into the creek. The End.

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