Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal #30 Dress Code

I do not think that Pleasant Plains High School should have a dress code. By saying that we should have a dress code, i do not mean that we should be required to wear uniforms, but i mean that i like the way that we have it right now. I think that it would be very stupid if we had to wear nice uniforms to school every day because quite frankly, i do not see the use for that and what it would solve. In my opinion, i think that kids my age have the right to express themselves through the clothes that they wear and they should get to choose what they want to wear. To me, i do not really understand what the point is of having very strict school uniforms. In my opinion, it makes that school look very stubborn because it makes that school seem like they are not ready to accept how society runs now. I dunno. That is all i can think of saying about dress codes. Although at the same time i do think that it is necessary for schools to have dress codes. This is because in my opinion, i do not think that a person can wear something very bad or inappropriate to school that shows too much skin or whatever. If there are kids coming to school that are dressed like this then i think that it can give the school a bad reputation for letting kids dress poorly in school where they are supposed to be well behaved. It is always necessary for kids to be dressed well in public or especially in school but at the same time, i do not think that it is very useful to have a very strict dress code because in my opinion it makes the school seem to strict. School should be a place for children to learn, and in my opinion, focusing so much on a strict dress code gets in the way of doing that.

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