Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Journal #23 Unplugging

If i had to unplug for a week and get away from technology today for i week, i think it would be very fun to do. In my opinion, it is aways very nice to just get away every once in a while. We all need that time where we are not around other people in life. But anyway, i would probably pass he time by doing fun things like fishing and hunting. In my opinion, it would be really fun to do that because i love nature and i believe that it would be really fun to take a trip like that. Although, now that i think about it, it would be pretty hard going a whole week without any communication to the outside world. I mean, in my opinion, it would be pretty fun at first, but after a while i think it might get boring because here really would not be that much that you can do for fun. I guess that on this trip, i would also bring a guitar to play for for, but other than that i do not know what else i would do. Actually, now that i think about it, i would probably take this trip in the summer, so i could always go swimming in a nearby river or something. Although, that would only work if i was in shallow water because i would not want to get carried away by the current. That would not be a good thing seeing how a have no communication to the outside world and how no one would probably that i was floating down a river. But anyway, that is pretty much all i would do if i were to unplug for a week. I am sure that at first it would be a very fun trip, but after a while it would get very boring for me because in all honesty there would not really be that much for me to do for fun.

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