Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What It Would Be Like To Give An Interview In A Trench

Personally, i believe that if i were a reporter doing a story on a war while in the trenches with the soldiers i would be scared. This is kind of a random topic. But anyway, if i did do that, and i was a reporter, i probably would not interview troops who are in the middle of battle, and also i would not interview them in a trench because i would be afraid for my life. This is because if i was in a trench when a war was going on and the enemies knew where the trench was, i would be very afraid that there would be a chance that i might get hurt because the enemies might launch an attack on the trench when i was there interviewing the troops. I honestly do not think that i have ever seen an interview of an active troop in the middle of a war when the interview is taking place at the base of the troop or troops. But basically, if i was giving an interview within a u.s. base and there were people around whop were considered to be dangerous, then i would be very scared. I do not think that it would be very fun giving an interview when having to worry about your life and when you are very far away from the ones that you love and the thing that you love to do. So, i guess that this is why i do not want to be a very famous reporter when i grow up, or i guess when i get older. This is because overall, i would honestly hate to go to a place that is not safe, where i feel alone, just to give one interview or story in general. Also, i would be very mad at the corporation who thought that they could send me to such a place without me expressing disapproval. I just would not enjoy that at all.

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