Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Favorite Food (Steak)

Ok, so i do have a favorite food. That favorite food is steak. Steak is very good. Wow i do not think that i can handle talking about this after lunch because my lunch was not very big after all and i am still very hungry. Anyway my favorite type of steak is the classic ribeye from Longhorn Steakhouse. I really like it because it is a 12 ounce steak but it is pretty spicy and it tastes very delicious. I like to order it cooked medium because when you eat it, the flavor basically melts in your mouth. It smells very delicious when the server brings the steak out for you to order. You can basically smell to flavor that it creates when it comes off of the grill. It smells so good. In fact i am getting very hungry at the moment by just thinking about eating one. When you get a steak from the restaurant in front of you, you are always thankful that you made the right choice. One may ask, "But Kirk, how do you know if you made the right choice by ordering the ribeye?" Well, i will be the very first person to tell you that if you order the ribeye from Longhorn Steak, then you know that you have automatically made the right decision because it is so gosh darn good. So that is how you know if you make the right choice. Ok, so, i guess that all of these reasons above is why the ribeye from Longhorn Steakhouse is my favorite. I mean if you have a steak that is very good tasting, very good smelling, and also very good looking, it is very clear that this is my favorite food ever! I mean, anyone who has ever had one of these things will have to agree with me that these are some of the best tasting steaks ever! So, i guess that this is why i love this steak so much.

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