Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog on "Whitman's Language of Self"

I found the article "Whitman's Language of the Self" very interesting to read because of the way the author uses specific examples from Whitman's work to express the the language of the self that Whitman uses in his works. Within this article, the author gives examples of specific instances of how Whitman uses very specific characteristics of the idea of Self within his works. For example, the author tends to mention a lot throughout the article that Whitman uses the simple idea of personality quite a bit within his work. The author goes on to explain that within his work, Whitman uses not only the personality of himself to set the ground for certain works he has written, but also Whitman, uses the personalities of the idea of Self as a whole. This means that basically he goes on to use the personality of anyone who has anyone to do with the story as an example of a personality within his respected works, which he uses to portray the idea of Self to the reader. Also within his essay, the author explains that not only does Whitman use the idea of personality to explain his portrayal of the idea of self, but he also uses the idea of nature as well. For example, the author of the article goes on to say that very commonly in one of his works, Whitman will describe one of the characters he has created within a story who has troubles. This character will then go on to find beauty within nature which will then help that certain character out with the certain conflict or quest that the character is trying to overcome. From this example it is very easy to see how Whitman uses the language of self within his work. Most commonly, though he will use the idea of personality of also the idea of nature to portray the idea or concept of self that he would like to reveal within his specific works.

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