Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reflection on "Trickle Drops"

From the poem "Trickle Drops" written by Whitman, it is very easy to see how this poem reflects the idea of Self in which Whitman commonly uses in his poems and writing. For example, in this poem, Whitman uses many aspects of Self to portray the point that he is trying to get across to the reader, but at the same time, the idea of nature is clearly used most by Whitman in this poem by the way that Whitman uses the idea of blood and the beauty of it in his work. For example, in this poem, Whitman talks a lot about blood to explain the relationship that his life has between beauty and pain within his work or even multiple works(Whitman). He describes the drops as beautiful and divine, and he almost uses the tone of voice that explains that he really truly does want to shed blood, or also enjoys shedding blood because of its natural beauty. Within this poem, Whitman also uses the idea of Everyman to portray the point that he tries to make. For example, within this poem, he may not be referring to himself when describing the beauty of bloodshed and the sense of relaxation that it gives him(Whitman). He may be referring to the pain that the Everyman tends to go through on a daily routine and also may be referring to the idea that every person must have a way of shedding this pain or getting rid of it in someway. This is why Whitman tends to describe the beauty of shedding pain or as he claims, blood, because when the Everyman feels that certain sense of relief when shedding pain, it tends to make something beautiful because of that return to normalcy in which the Everyman experiences after he has been hurt by something, or that relief of pain that the everyman goes through(Whitman). In this poem, even though Whitman tends to be referring to the loss of blood which may sound almost concerning to readers at first, the tone that Whitman uses in the poem almost portrays something else besides bloodshed(Whitman). While the reader could make many comparisons to the idea of bloodshed and debate if Whitman is actually talking about actually bloodshed, The base form of of this idea would not be receiving happiness at the end of a tough period of a life or what not, but it would simply be portraying the idea that people can always overcome certain obstacles(Whitman). This is also what Whitman may be referring to when he reflects on the beauty that bloodshed causes. He may be referring to the beauty of the human factor, or the fact that even in the worst situations(Whitman). The beauty of this is not that people will instantly become extremely happy when this overcoming of obstacles occurs, but the simple beauty is not happiness, but the certain fact that one has shed the blood, or overcome the obstacle, and is ready to move on with his life. (Whitman)

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