Thursday, March 3, 2011

Criticism of "Bardic Symbols"

So, i read "Bardic Symbols" by Walter Whitman and i must sat that i am completely baffled. I mean, i do not think that this poem makes sense. Literally all that the author is doing throughout this entire poem is just describing nature as he sees it and relating it to other things. Quite frankly, i do not believe that this poem is really that special because in modern times, this is a very very common topic for many poems. I mean, all that the author is really doing throughout this entire poem is just walking through a beach and just reflecting on nature. It is these poem in which i think it is very ridiculous that this author can truly say that he reflects Self within this poem when there are so many others like it. I guess that the main example of Self that is used within this poem is obviously nature because of how much Whitman uses everyday things to relate to the nature that he sees as he is walking along the beach. Another example of Self that is used by the author Whitman within this poem is the idea of the Everyman. For example, within the poem, the author relates to the everyman by uses many examples of nature to relate to the very common emotions of everyday people. In this poem, Whitman truly does relate to the common emotions of people, which does make the poem relate to the everyman, but at the same time, in my opinion, this makes the poem very generic because it seems like Whitman is not really bringing his own ideas to the table when writing the poem. From the fact that that this poem is just about relating nature to very common things and also not bringing his own ideas to the table, as the reader, i found this poem to be very dull because of the generic topic in which the poet writes about.

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