Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Journal # 43 Jazz Song

When i listen to this song, i feel like i am going through a very long maze. For example, the start of the song would be perfect for one who is starting off a maze. At first, the song is very nice and sweet as well. So, it is almost like saying that when you start the maze, you are doing pretty well because you have not really hit any obstacles yet. After that though, the tone of the song changes almost as if you have hit your first obstacle. The tempo of the song tends to change as well. This kind of represents the tone of the song because when someone runs into a corner, they truly do tend to panic. I think that when this happens, the music is perfect because it really describes the tone of how someone is feeling when someone does not know what to do next. After this, the music is calm again almost as if the person has found out what they are supposed to do in this maze. So, this is the point of the song when the saxophone takes over. I like to compare this part of the song to a song that was made back in the day called "Freebird." This song reminds me of that one because at the end of the song there is a huge guitar solo that takes about ten minutes. If you have not heard this song, then i suggest you to listen to it because it may possibly be the most awesome guitar solo one has ever heard. But anyway it reminds me of that song because of the way the saxophone solo tales over the entire song. So, yeah. Once this happens, i feel that the person who is in the maze is now on his his way to being almost done with the maze. So, yeah, i feel that that is what this song represents. a maze.

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